Changing colours for more than 1 track

Hi guys,
it would be great if I could change the colours for more than 1 track at the same time. If I select now several tracks and want to set one colour to all of them, the colour for just the track at the top is changed. Even if I want to set them to standard. Just the track at the top.

It can still be done but the process changed somewhere in the v10 lifecycle, and the new procedure isn’t immediately obvious (but it is easy). Try this:

  1. Highlight the tracks you want to color
  2. Press Alt+Shift+C to open the Colorize Selected Tracks window
  3. Select the color you want from the Colorize Selected Tracks window

That’s it! They’ll all get colorized at once. You were doing the same thing I was which was using the Color icon from the toolbar, or the scrollwheel method. These approaches no longer work to colorize multiple tracks.

The color tool icon in the toolbar is apparently a “color event” tool. That’s why it doesn’t work when trying to colorize multiple tracks (because it’s designed specifically for events). Frankly, I think it’s bad design.

There should be a single colorize tool. If there are one or more tracks selected and they are colorized, the tracks and events are colorized. If one or more events are selected and colorized, then those events should be colorized. I’m pretty sure that’s how it worked prior to 10.