Changing content destination

Hi, I have placed the content of Halion 6 on an internal drive, I want to place the content of other cubase instruments on a different drive, the library manager has the drive I used for the Halion content set as the default location, do I change this to the new location I wish to use? if I do this will it affect Halions ability to find it’s content? or do i choose the new location during instalation and will the library manager then have 2 locations?
thank you for any help.

Select a library in Library Manager and you should see options to move/remove…
Click “Move” and select the destination. You probably need to do it one by one.

Changing the default location should take effect for new libraries you would install from now on. But I don’t think it would automatically move all the already registered content. But you can try.

Thank you, I’ll use the option you describe, not gonna change the location in the library manager because I have no clue what damage it might do to the Halion content…if any…