changing default beat pattern in irregular time signatures

I am writing in 5/8 and Dorico insists that the beat pattern be 3+2 when I would like it to be 2+3. I have tried using the force duration tool to keep the division of the beat where i want it, but not only is that incredibly tedious, it also sometimes decides not to work. I apologize if this is a question that has an easy answer and is able to be found already in the forums, but I haven’t seen a solution anywhere. Would much appreciate any help with this as it is my first week or so using Dorico. :slight_smile:

Type [2+3]/8 into the popover (Shift + M).

You can find a list, what to enter into the popovers, here:

Unfortunately the list is not up to date, but very useful at the beginning.

I hadn’t noticed that I needed to type brackets around the numbers. This worked. And, I will check out that list. Thank you for your help!