Changing default settings in midi editor

Ive asked this question before, but the reply was in German (don’t read German).

I do a lot of midi editing, specifically adjusting the automation for string swells and so on. Whenever I click on a midi event to open it in the midi editor, I have a whole list of function I have to turn on/off. i.e., turn on scroll lock, then select show all automation at the bottom, then resize the lanes. Changing all these parameters take a LOT longer than the edit itself. Many times I am editing dozens of events, so this gets very time consuming. Is there any way to alter or choose default settings? Specifically; always having scroll lock on, show all midi automation lanes, resizing would be nice but Id be happy with the other two…

i’m on the latest Cubase 11 pro and i don’t have this problem. Whatever i set in the midi editor stays and doesn’t get reset when opening/closing the midi editor, or when opening a song file.