Changing default trill intervals

In my big orchestral piece there is a whole section where all the instruments play half-tone trills. It is a real pain to change every single time the trill property from Major second to minor, as well as show trill lines (which has both a button and a box, for some reason). It would be so great to be able to change, project wise, the default trills properties, as well of being able to set a key command for trills. If I am missing something, please let me know, thank you!

From Engraving Options > Ornaments you can change the global setting for whether trills show extension lines or not. It is the existence of this global setting that necessitates both a toggle and a box in the properties panel: the toggle tells you (and Dorico) that you want to override the global setting. The tickbox determines whether your override is for the trill line to show or not.

As to the interval, can you not set the interval for a single trill, then Alt-click that single trill wherever else you need it? It’ll retain its interval property.


Thank you so much for the engraving option tip. I am not sure what do you mean by Alt-clicking (option in mac, right?) the trill- what exactly should I do when I create a new trill?

Select the trill, option-click where you want a copy.


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