Changing default tucking index for tuplets

The manual page here:

…states that ‘you can override the automatic order’ of a tucking index. This is true tuplet by tuplet, but where can I set Dorico’s default tucking index for tuplets, so that users don’t have to edit individual tuplets manually, each time they appear in a score?

Thank you.

You cannot change the default tucking index for tuplets, I’m afraid. It’s contextual, so having a default value that you could influence in every situation isn’t practical.

Thanks for your clarification dspreadbury.

Yes, it is contextual. Dorico employs brilliant algorithms which could be set, for example, to place a tuplet square bracket ‘inside’ a longer phrase mark by default.

It could be that as I’ve imported an XML file, that Dorico is allowing other kinds of tucking for tuplet square brackets.