Changing dongle fixed everything


I’ve been struggling with latency issues, USB hold ups - so much that i’ve not been able to use all the USB connections I wanted.
The latency issues been in form of cracks as well as Cubase hanging on certain operations.

Quite randomly I had another Dongle from from a visitor in the studio, and BOOM! All my issues disrepaired!

So much for figuring out things ourselfs!

Do you know if he had fewer Steinberg stuff on that dongle, or?
Or used another usb port?

So many audio interfaces today are usb, and claim 24/96k and thinking at some point there is a bottleneck.
There is a fluttering light all the time on dongle. Stream of communication all the time. It’s called Syncrosoft for a reason.

But if having audio interface, I would look at not using the same root hub on dongle as audio.
My computers usually have had two root hubs, one for usb ports on back and one for front.
So would try and leave the one with audio as alone as possible.

Just wild guesses of course…