Changing drum tracks mid-tune

This is a newbie question about using Groove Agent drum tracks. I want to start my tune with a drum kit, but I have a vamp out that I want to kill the drums and insert congas. Both drum tracks play for the whole song. I can mute one manually, but even with RW automation on, it wants to keep doing what it was doing. So how do I make one drum track play for 32 bars, and the other for 8?

Two separate tracks. Remove the section in the drum track you don’t want them to play. No need for automation. The second track has the congas in the section you want them. No need to complicate by inserting anything.

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Thanks, yes, I thought that would be the way. But when I record a GA track, no matter where I start it, it plays from the beginning and for the whole track. In fact, for the congas, it actually started two measures before the cursor. But even though visually the track starts in the middle of the tune, it begins playing at the start. And the drum kit, which only appears visually early in the track continues after the visual representation of it.

Don’t know if it matters, but this Groove Agent 5 with Cubase 12 on Windows. I’m using Patterns in GA and using Follow Transport to trigger the recording.

Ah well I drag the midi patterns into Cubase as a track and then you can just cut them where you want to and add them where you want to. I tend to find a pattern by auditioning on the media bay then drag into the arranger and it adds a track. You can then copy and paste, edit, repeat as much as you want.