Changing duration of large data sets

How to scale a large section or entire piece entered in Dorico 4? I would like to instruct all durations of the section or the entire piece to change according to what I input. For example, make all durations 20% longer or shorter, or make durations doubled or even ten times longer, This scaling is easily done in Digital Performer. I In Dorico I select all content with command A, but option shift
left or right key does not change all values. I tried to Force values. This did not produce totally scaled music. Best I can do is notate in Dorico, export to Digital Performer to scale., export to Dorico to finish the composition.

If this is about playback, wouldn’t changing the tempo give the result you want?

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It is about notation for musicians to play. Valuable for example in layering music at different tempos so it can be played. Scaling durations of thematic material is part of my compositional toolkit. My piece, Wave Music for 60 clarinets and a boat, has the same theme at 6 octaves, each layer a stretch of the layer above it: 10 contra bass, 10 bass, 10 alto/basset, 10 Bb, 10 Eb, 10 picc. They sit in 6 circles 10 playing canonically. My current project has 7 stretched sections within the flow of Beethoven’s Grosse Fuga.

So far, there is no solution in Dorico. I suggest midi list editing as an added Dorico feature. As I wrote earlier in this this thread, I ported my Dorico data to Performer, made one request to scale the data, then exported and ingested it in Dorico.