Changing duration of notes function changed?!?

Loved this, but it stopped working for some reason:
"…press Shift-Alt-Left Arrow/Right Arrow to shorten or lengthen the notes by the amount determined by the resolution of the rhythmic grid. "

Now, when I do it,note duration doesn’t change by grid value, but instead doubles the existing note value.

So: Grid is set to 8th note. I have an 8th note that I want to extend. Shift-Alt-Right Arrow once makes it into a quarter. (as expected) Shift-Alt-Right Arrow again, it becomes a half note. (instead of the expected punctured quarter) Repeating once more, a whole note. And so on.

Any idea what has happened here?

Yep. There’s a glitch meaning that if you’ve previously defined your own keyboard shortcuts then these ones (despite being defaults) have become garbled. Search this forum for useful advice on how to remedy the situation - I’d give it myself but I’m on holiday with no computer and can’t remember what the solution is off the top of my head.

You could try going into Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts and removing these shortcuts from whatever lengthening/shortening functions they’re assigned to and reassigning to the grid lengthen/shorten functions.

Aha, thank you!

Ok, here is another thread if anyone else is puzzled by this…!