Changing duration of repeats


I have searched the documentation but can’t figure out how to create four repeats of two measures each – each two measure ending is two measures long.

When I select “add repeat” in the palette on the right, or in the pull up menu from the bottom of the frame, I can select the number of repeats, but they create themselves as only one bar long and I can see no other way than going into engraving options to manually move them around.


If you’re talking about repeat endings with multiple ending segments, where there’s a bracket over the ending and a repeat barline at the end, then simply make sure you’ve selected the bars you want to include in the additional ending before adding it.

So, starting from scratch: select the bars you want in the first ending:

Then input a repeat ending:

Then select the bars you want enclosed in the 2nd ending:

And add an additional ending:

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for subsequent additional endings.

(Be aware that graphically moving things in Engrave mode doesn’t change where in time those things occur, so that wouldn’t affect playback, for example.)

Thanks so much Lilie, I’ll give it a try. I know that adjusting things manually in engraving has implications for playback and should be avoided. jw