Changing dynamic positions that are linked

After I condense the staves I can only work in engrave mode. But Dorico puts some dynamic signs so awkwardly above the stave, and when I want to move them in engrave mode, they move simultaneously. For instance: I have 4 horns combined into horn1/2 and 3/4, and the former dynamics are combined into two markings, but one marking is too high, so it goes above the stave. In Dorico 3.5 there had been a function to separate the combined dynamic markings, but I cannot find it in Dorico 4 anymore. Is it still possible to seperate them, after they had been copied and pasted?

You can unlink them, but you need to be in Write mode; meaning to edit condensed staves, you need to be in galley view or in a non-condensed layout.

You can also prevent them being auto-linked when you copy/paste in the first place.