Changing dynamics after a repeat

Is there a way to enable dynamic changes when playing back a repeat? I want the first time to play mezzo-piano and the second time to play mezzo-forte? The music notation shows mp-mf but I don’t see a way to add the dash, or to set the separate dynamics.

In Finale, it was a convoluted process that mostly worked. I’m not sure where to look for a similar solution in Dorico.

I know I can add it as text; but, I’d rather treat it strictly as dynamics.

I know we’re only on 1.30. I think Dorico is already fantastic, especially for such a young product. I can appreciate the hundreds (or thousands) of hours your team has put into this. Thank you!

There’s no proper way to designate dynamics for repeats yet. You can get some of the way to the right appearance using combined dynamics, e.g. fp, because you can specify what the separator should be (e.g. should it be f-p or f/p etc.) via Engraving Options and properties. However, you wouldn’t be able to do e.g. f-mf, because the two dynamics of a combined dynamic currently need to be of opposite kinds (i.e. they can’t both be variations of forte or variations of piano). I’m sure in future we will both be able to relax the way that combined dynamics work, and have a proper means of entering dynamics that will be taken into account on repeated passes, for which purpose combined dynamics are not the correct approach anyway.


Thank you, for both a quick and thorough response, and for all of the work you do!

Has this been addressed in v 1.2? Does anyone have a work-around?

Thank you

No, there’s no change in this area yet, I’m afraid.

How about for 3.0? Or at least, is it on the roadmap? Thanks!

Well it won’t be for 3.0, seeing as we’re already at 3.0.10 :wink:

I can confirm that yes, supporting different dynamic levels on different repeat passes through the same music is on our roadmap, but it’s not something we are working on right now, and will not be included in the next update.