changing event and part lengths together

when i shorten a midi part, the event inside still stays the same length, does anyone know if theres a way to change that so the actual midi notes in the part are shortened too.



Use the Sizing Applies Time Stretch tool instead of the Object Selection tool.

thanks for the reply martin, but I’m not wanting to affect any other notes before, i suppose I could cut the section i want to change before I use the sizing tool but by the time I do all that i could just as easily edit the midi data directly. the main problem for me with why this is an issue in the first place is many times at the end of a song the last few notes ring out a little longer than i want, so i’ll grab the border of the midi part to shorten it, but the part still rings out. I’m wanting it to behave the way audio parts do, if i shorten them, they stop.


You can cut the MIDI Part and apply the stretch for the wanted area only. Then you can glue the parts again.

Or you can select wanted MIDI notes in the Key Editor (or other MIDI editor) and use the same tool. Or, there are MIDI functions for double/half time. Or you can make your own Logical preset.

You can Split the Parts with the Split tool (Zoom in, use finer quantize values, use magnetic cursor to locate split points).
In the Key Editor, you can use the Trim Tool.
You can Dissolve the Part by Pitch, Time Stretch the pitches (Longer/Sorter), the re-assemble with Merge Midi In Loop
You can Use the Midi Logical Editor and Change the Length and/or Position of notes (more complex, not something I do regularly).

Those are some of the things you can do with relative ease. Good luck.