Changing folder of audio files (losing Master Section Preset)

When you change the folder name or move to another different folder it loses the Master Section Preset, when you already saved that preset before.

Do you know how to fix this issue?

When you change the folder name

What folder do you mean?

Do you know how to fix this issue?

There is a “Load Preset” command, that allows you to load a preset from any place.

Sonic, I don’t have a solution, but do you mean the master section preset that’s associated with the audio file? If you change the name of the folder where the audio file is, or move the audio file to another folder, there’s no more “load master section preset” available in the bottom right on that audio file?

Yes, that’s my question…

Then you have to have this option Off:
If it is on, then the companion file is saved in a file that depends on the original file; hence if you move the original file, the link is lost.

Ok. Thanks PG, I’m gonna try it.