Changing Font Size for Multi-measure rest number

Is it possible, at this point, to change the font size of the number that appears on multi-measure rests in the Petaluma (Jazz) font?

I think it appears way to large and interferes with surrounding text. I would like to make them a little smaller but I can’t see to find a way to accomplish that, am I missing something?

I have searched and watched videos but can’t figure this out.

I’m afraid at the moment this is not possible. Multi-rest digits aren’t pulled straight from a font and rendered as text strings; they’re what we call “composites” and they’re defined in a library of items that is contained within your project. In the future we plan to add a general dialog that will allow you to see and edit these composites, but until that time, they’re non-editable, I’m afraid.

Thanks Daniel, I’ll add that to the list of things I can look forward to in future versions.

Hi Daniel,

Just checking it’s still the case I can’t edit the multi-rest font and size ?



You can fiddle with them in the Music Symbols Editor.
edit: you’re looking for Bar Count 1 to Bar Count 9. It would appear you can’t scale the existing glyphs successfully, but if you delete them and replace them with text, in whatever font you like, you can then use the Scale X and Y properties.

There’s no easy way to do this at the moment, but in the next major version of Dorico there will be an option on the Rests page of Engraving Options to choose between using the default Bravura numbers or using a plain font of your choosing.

Thanks Daniel, very much looking forward to the next version of Dorico !