Changing From 32 bit to 64 bit


Being a long term user of Cubase, I have always used the 32 bit version even though I have a Win 7 64 bit computer. The reason is because some time ago there were a few problems using some VST’s.

Just wondering if these little problems have now been solved with Cubase 6.5.1, which I now have, and if its worth changing to the 64 bit version.



In the 64-bit Windows, you can use 32-bit Cubase. It will be the same, as using it on 32-bit syste. No problem with using 32-bit plug-ins. But you can’t use advantage of 64-bit.

The “problem” of 64-bit Cubase are plug-ins, which are 32-bit only. You have to use VST Bridge for bridging of this. Or, you can use Jbridge.

As you can run the 32 and 64 bit versions side by side then the only real way to find out if it’ll work for you is to install the 64 bit version and have a go. I found I needed to buy Jbridge to get some pluins working that the Steinberg Bridge didn’t like, apart from that all is good.

running stuff like melodyne dna is a lot better with 64 bit. any plugin that uses a lot of ram will benefit. with jbridge to help, i’ve got my uad1, ik multimedia etc. all working. waves are now 64 bit and so are nomad factory and bfd2. worth a try to see how you get on.ed

Eddie - I also have JBridge for a couple of plugins, but UAD is not one of them. What issues are you having that requires JBridge for the UAD plugins? Perhaps I haven’t manage to hit that issue yet. Same thing with IK Multimedia. They are working just fine using the built-in bridge.


As split mentioned - there is no issue having both the 32-bit and 64-bit side by side. The trick is setting up the VST locations. I typically set up 3 locations. 64-bit only (Cubase 64 sees this, Cubase 32 does not), 32-bit only (Cubase 32 sees this, Cubase 64 does not) and one for both versions (both Cubase 32 and 64 see this).

So 64-bit dlls go in the 64-bit VST folder.

32-bit dlls that do not have a 64-bit equivalent go in the “both” directory, otherwise they go in the 32-only folder.

If a 32-bit VST that does not have a 64-bit equivalent that does not work in Cubase 64, and it needs to be JBridged, then the dll goes in the 32-bit only folder and the JBridged version goes in the 64-bit folder (which references the dll in the 32-bit only folder).

This basic set-up has worked very well for me and allows me to open a project in either Cubase-32 or Cubase-64.


hi ron. don’t remember exactly what problem i had. but when i used jbridge i seemed t get better results. as far as i know, cubase bridge has a limit on ram for bridged plugins (something like 2GB for ALL of them) whereas jbridge allows 4GB or so for EACH plugin. i could be talking nonsense of course! ed

My UAD plugs seem to run fine in Cubase 64 without Jbridge.

I thought UAD had been 64bit since the last couple of versions?

Not that I’m using it - far too many reasons not to go 64bit yet…

On that subject, can anyone with Waves v9 confirm whether it works 32bit, or would it force me to go 64bit once I install?

Not UAD 1!

even with jbridge i still get some instability with uad1 plugins. so i’ve been using them less, and definitely not going down the uad2 route, even though ua are trying to “encourage” us to do it by withdrawing support for uad1 in future releases… sorry for going offtopic! ed

Thats just it, for me the UAD1 plugs seemed to run better when not using JBridge! I too probably wont be going UAD2 although I do rate their plugs as among some of the best.

Like some of the others, I run 32 & 64bit Cubase6.5 along side each other with no probs.
The only reason I still use 32bit is for my Korg plugins (Legacy Analog/Digital), and Rewiring with Acid Pro7.

Curious though, would I be able to run the Korg plugins in 64bit via Jbridge?
Then I might be able to find a substitute for Acid to run Acid loops, and work entirely in 64bit mode.
I have 16g of ram, so it would be sweet…


will go and check my wavestation and mde fx right now: yes. they work fine in 64 bit using jbridge. ed

Cool. Is there a quick & dirty way to set jbridge up? I d/l’d it awhile back but could never quite figure out how to get it working

You are correct about memory allocation so JBridge can be very useful there if you are bumping up against memory limits and you have the physical RAM to take advantage.


UAD has had 64-bit drivers for their hardware for quite some time now. They do not have 64-bit plugins yet. They will never have them for UAD-1. They are promising 64-bit plugins for UAD-2 sometime this year.


Hi all

Please can someone confirm the following will work OK in 64 bit or will I need to get into bridge-idge or is it a no :frowning:

Waves 9 (pretty sure this is going to be OK), Massive plugin, Camel Phat plugin. I’d cry if I lost these. Not upgraded to C6 yet and holding off for fear of loss and destitution.