Changing from 5 line stave to single line?

I’m trying to score up some dictation exercises. At the start, there is the tonic chord for a bar and then there needs to be two whole bars of count in before the melody plays. Is it possible to get the stave to go from a 5 line stave and then switch to a single line before going back to 5 lines?

I’ve tried searching the forum and looking at solutions. The closest I’ve got is adding another player for an unpatched percussion instrument, which creates a single line stave, but that runs throughout the whole piece. I’d like to just insert it for those two bars.

Can anyone help me please?

You’d need to add a single line instrument to the same player, not a separate player. Dorico will then automatically switch between the two instruments as determined by the presence (or absence) of notes on each instrument. Do the actual note entry in Galley View, where both staves will be shown throughout.

Thanks for your fast reply. Apologies, I meant I’ve added another instrument, not a player. I can’t get it to switch still. There must be something I’m missing?

In Setup mode, select the first player in the left players panel, and press Shift-I (or the little plus button), and add a second instrument to that player. Is that how you did it?

Yes, that’s how I did it, pressing the little plus button to add a clave instrument.

P.S. If it matters I’m on Dorico 3.1.10 not 3.5.

I suspect the problem is you’ve removed a staff from the piano. This is incompatible with Instrument Changes (even if it’s right at the start of the flow). Try using a five line instrument that only has one staff to begin with.

Aha! That’s done it! Thank you every so much. Any idea if it’s possible to remove what seems to be the clef for the instrument change marking and have it a continuous line or is that not possible?

P.S. I purchased Notion Express and XL for Dorico just recently and love it, great work!

Hmm. Off the top of my head I’m not sure, and I’m not in front of Dorico just now.

…and thank you - I’m glad you’re finding it useful.

No problem, I’ve sorted that by adding an invisible clef for the single line part.

Finally, if anyone knows if it’s possible to hide the cautionary clef and key signature and then end of the line that would be most helpful.

Excellent thank you. That has sorted it.