Changing from MOTU Asio to Apollo Asio driver

Previously I was using the MOTU Asio drive (with seom 896HD interfaces) and have switched to the UAD Apollo interface.

All went well with Cubase when switching the driver and changing projects to make sue of the new configuration.

Now for Wavelab 8.0.3. After loading, Wavelab complained that it could not find and MOTU devices (driver message), so it was still trying to load the MOTU driver. Checking the speaker configuration, I changed the driver to the Apollo Asio driver, and assigned the appropriate outputs for the monitors. I could not find any other places to change Asio drivers, so I quit Wavelab and restarted it.
Still it tried to load the MOTU driver, with the same warning message at startup. Re-checking the speaker configuration, it has the Apollo driver selected, as expected.
Why is it trying to load the MOTU driver? No audio plays when using it, even though the correct driver and outputs are selected, so I think somewhere it is still trying to use the MOTU driver.
Rebooted and restarted a couple of times to see if there was any change but it still remains that the MOTU driver is still being requested.
Is there any other location that the driver needs to be configured in? Is there a file that might still have the MOTU driver config buried in it and has not changed with teh changing of the settings in the front end?

When WaveLab loads, it checks the available ASIO drivers, so that you can later and optionally select them.
In your case, you should simply uninstall the MOTU driver to prevent the problem.

If you’re using Windows, and you want to keep the MOTU as an expansion mixer connected via S/PDIF or ADAT to the Apollo, but not use the MOTU ASIO driver, you could delete the related registry key in HKLM\Software\ASIO. This will solve the problem at the startup of WaveLab but still allow the use of CueMIX etc.

If, however, you plan to get rid of the MOTU altogether, then you should uninstall the MOTU driver as Philippe has recommended.

Thanks for that. I’ll try it. I’ve just added the 8pre as an adat converter to the Apollo and will probably pull the 896HD’s. It is interesting to note that Wavelab tries to load/check the MOTU driver at startup, however Cubase does not, since it knows it is not loaded if there isn’t any hardware connected.

If it’s any consolation, Sony Vegas also chokes on startup if my firewire MOTU is not switched on; removing the ASIO entry in the registry fixes that as well (I have a MOTU that I control via CueMIX so I need the MOTU driver, but never use the MOTU ASIO as it’s patched via ADAT into an RME).