Changing from unpitched to pitched stave for single percussionist

I set up my player (Percussion 1) to play cymbal (unpitched) and glockenspiel (pitched).

(S)he only plays one instrument at a time. How can I change instrument for the player and have their stave change appropriately from single line (for the cymbal) to 5-line treble clef for the glockenspiel?

In the Dorico manual I found this:

…but it does not answer the question and the ‘Related Links’ do not display a section that answers the question either.

Thanks for your help.

Actually, Dorico takes care of this by itself. Simply enter the music in Write mode>galley view and when in Page view, it should be all settled automatically.

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If you enter galley view you’ll see both instruments - input the pitches into these and dorico will automatically switch between them or show both as needed.

(bet me to it @MarcLarcher !) You can also switch to galley view on the bottom right of the screen:

Check out the version 4 manual page for this, it’s much improved :slight_smile:

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Thank you MarcLarcher, eddjcaine & Lillie,

The clef changes show appropriately from unpitched perc. to treble clef & back, but I’d like for the unpiched perc. to appear on a single line stave, which switches to 5-line stave every time the pitched instrument is playing. Is that possible?

Thanks again guys.

Yes. Choose the appropriate representation in Layout options>Players> Percussions
Pitched percussions can only be represented on a 5-line-staff, so the choice is left for the other unpitched instruments.

So if a player is playing both pitched and unpitched percussion in a part (one instrument at a time), Dorico will only present the unpitched material on a 5-line stave (with percussion clef) in the part.

Well, no. You choose how you want the unpitched instruments to be presented (one line, grid or 5-line staff), and the pitched instruments will be on a traditional 5-line staff (or grand staff, for Marimba, for instance). Just try it out!

Individual unpitched percussion instruments appear on a single-line staff. Percussion kits can have different presentations in different layouts, e.g. 5-line staff in the score but single-line in the part.

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