Changing from write to engrave mode when selecting items over a system break

When some “long” items, such as tied notes, gradual dynamics, etc. are selected in write mode, the whole item is selected. But if these items are crossing a system break and you change to engrave mode, then only the first part of the item keeps selected.
Is this behaviour intended? Is there an important reason to keep this behaviour? Wouldn’t it be more logical to keep the whole selection? This is specially uncomfortable for very long chains of tied notes. If you want to change some property for the whole chain, to select the part that is after the system break is very awkward…
Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas to everybody!

There are technical reasons for this behaviour, concerning the different ways Dorico handles selections in Write and Engrave modes. In the future we plan to rework the way selections work to reduce the differences between the modes, which may allow things like this to be addressed.

Ok, thank you very much!