Changing I-note and/or O-note from C1 to 036 in Drum Map

I was trying to built a Drum Map using a VST reference manual, but it tells the MIDI note as number (ie 036) while in the Cubase Drum Map everything is showed as notes (ie C1)

I know that I can put the number and Cubase will convert this automatically to his respective note, but is misleading.

Is there a way to change the drum map visualization to numbers?

You’ll have to trust me on this one, 'cos it won’t read like it is going to work :stuck_out_tongue: )…
Go to Preferences>Event Display>Chords (yes, “Chords” :wink: )>Pitch Notation, and change Naming Format from “MIDI” to “MIDI + Note Number”.
You’ll still get “C1”, but you’ll also get “36” next to it :slight_smile:.

Jeez! that worked like a charm!

Thanks vic_france ! :smiley: