Changing imported audio tempo

Hi everyone,

There’s a few vid’s floating around showing how to alter the tempo of pre recorded music in Cubase (7). I seem to be not able to do it like I want.

When I go to the media pool (for example) and change the time to a ‘slower’ tempo for example (such as 80BPM), the track then seems to speed up and changes it’s pitch. This is when it’s in musical mode.

I really want to take a tune (such as a Jack Johnson song), speed it up to a 110’ish BPM and have it pumping.

What could I be doing wrong ?

This field is not to specify the desired “target tempo”, but the original tempo of the file.

Easy. :slight_smile:

Import the track into Cubase. Bounce (Replace Event) that event so that it locks to cubase timeline. Double click on the event to bring up the Sample Editor. Toggle the musical note at the top menu.

Now when you change tempo, whether by Tempo Track or just by changing the Fixed Tempo in the transport panel, the song will play faster or slower accordingly without pitch change.

The key is bouncing the event first. Probably a good idea to find the tempo of the original tune and change the tempo of Cubase to that before you bounce.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks, jimmys69. That works.
I never could get this to work before, which I now realize was because I thought the musical note button (Musical Mode) at the top of the Sample Editor was the same as the note/clock (Toggle Time Base) button in the track header.

Cheers. I’ll give that a go. What do you mean bounce? One vid I found said to ‘bounce’ was to do a mix down. In this case I’m not sure that applies.

In Cubase Project Window (the main screen) at the top:

Audio>Bounce Selection. When prompted choose ‘Replace Events’.


I think I’m a bit lost. I’m in the Bounce area but can’t see where or how to select Replace Events.

Import the track into Cubase. Left click on the event (the waveform thingy). This highlights it.

Top toolbar select Audio>Bounce Selection. It asks “Replace Events” after you Bounce the event. Click ‘Replace’.

Then double left click on the event to bring up the Sample Editor. Toggle the note thingy and your track will change tempo when you change tempo in Cubase.

As I mentioned before, it will be best to know the tempo of the actual track before ‘Bouncing’ , and change the tempo in Cubase to match, so that it will be accurate in case you decide to add MIDI instruments or work with Cubase click later. It will work otherwise, but could get confusing later if you don’t do this.

See if that gets ya going. :slight_smile: