Changing individual notehead positioning in a chord but the chord is all in one voice

Easy enough to do if noteheads are in different voices, but how do I change notehead positions for chords in a single voice?

Dorico does not allow this kind of individual notehead positioning like Finale does. If you have a whole-note chord you can still flip its “stem” direction. But there are hard rules nowadays for so-called “back-notes” in chords, which Dorico follows.

I have seen French piano scores from as late as the late 19th century that continued to put noteheads on what we now call the “wrong” side of a stem. If perchance you are trying to faithfully recopy something like that, you will have to resort to multiple voices.

I wonder if that is something the Dorico crew will ever be able to get to or if to make that happen would mean upending code way too much.

This is one of the few times in which Dorico has been brought to its knees. Fortunately, my hymnal-client is not worried over such trivialities (I think). Thanks so much!

Is this only a question of double and opposing heads for unisons (which IIRC Dorico can manage),

or are you dealing with something more complex?

(Would love to see an image of what you are aiming for.)

Ho, ho! I’ve found a workaround:

Slice 120.pdf (14.0 KB)

The right-hand chord on v1. ‘faith’ in the MS (1940 Episcopal Hymnal - SINE NOMINE/For all the saints) has the F# set off from the E and A. I was able to get the desired result above by putting the E into a different voice, making it stemless, and natively moving the notehead to the left.

I tried using the ‘condense’ dialog in Engrave, but nothing that way worked for me.

Thanks for helping me along the way to this. :slight_smile: