Changing Instrument Crashes Dorico


I import a MusicXML file, it misinterprets the piano as a treble clef instrument, I change the instrument to a piano from the Setup panel, and the program crashes. This happens with all my MusicXML files imported from Logic Pro X. If I change to an Electric Keyboard, it works fine. The crash only happens if I choose the piano, even if I try to switch to the piano after the electric piano, it still crashes. Is this a known bug, or am I having a specific problem?


Until this can be confirmed as a problem transferring Logic files to Dorico, you might find that adding a piano to your project and then copying and pasting from the “electronic keyboard” part serves as a work-around.

I think you’re having a specific problem. Can you attach a MusicXML file that exhibits the problem here?

I have attached a sample score.xml file that causes Dorico to crash for me.

Thanks (4.8 KB)