Changing instrument from a specific bar

I saw a topics on this but didn’t quit find the answer I was looking for. There was a reminiscence to a thread that seems to be working but didn’t get to 1st thread , a help here will be much appreciated.

Anyways, in a 2 pianos piece I need pianos with a larger Pedal fx in a slow section (in HALion to achieve this I’d turn the decay knob full throttle on a Yamaha se90es piano ).
I was looking in the piano roll section to see if I can insert a program change - although using HALion vst I am not sure if this would work… This should be easy enough to do in a midi sequencer program however I am not aware on how to do this can be done in Dorico.
Thanks very much for your help.
Cheers - Rami.

You could maybe add a program change to the Expression Map for a particular Playing Technique?

You would just need to enter that playing technique for the duration of the effect and hide it (unless you want it visible).

See point #4 in the Actions section:

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Thanks very much for your reply.
Will try that although its new to me.