changing instrument groups

I have a score with timpani plus two percussion (one mostly pitched, one mostly non-pitched.

I’d like this to show on the score as timpani in its own group, then perc 1 and perc 2 as two lines in a group. Dorico seems to insist I not add percussion, but rather specify the first instrument to be used, then change instruments. I’d like to fix that.

Also, Dorico grouped timpani and vibraphone as a group, and left perc 2 (bass drum) as its own group. I tried, in setup, to make vibraphone and bass drum as one group (successfully), but in score it still looks as if timp/vibe are a group and bass drum is on its own.

Sorry for the multiple related questions, but I am unable to find answers in the help manual or in the forum (maybe I don’t know the best search terms?)

David F

Version 1.0 of Dorico doesn’t respect player groups created in the Players panel when determining bracketing; Dorico 1.0.10, however, will, so that should help. We know that more flexibility is needed for player bracketing and we’re considering our options. Some more flexibility will be present in 1.0.10, but there will no doubt be more to do after that as well.

Thanks. Will look forward to the updates!

Related to topic Braces! by Vaughan Schlepp… I discovered this only by chance when I searched for percussion +5 lines. Forum search for brackets, braces or bracket did not show up this one topic. This confirms one more time that forum search algorithms should be optimised.

Not sure how much has been done in terms of bracketing, but just to point out there are still some strange groupings in Dorico 1.1—

  • Strange Brackets.png

I was hoping that Perc. 1 would get bracketed by itself, Perc. 2 by itself, and Timpani separately (no brackets). Did I do something wrong here? :question:

Thanks! –π

If you put each of the percussion players in separate groups, I think you get what you want
Skjermbilde 2017-08-04 kl. 18.09.41.png

Ah of course, I had forgotten about these groups… Thanks andgle!

Sorry to bring back a seemingly defunct thread… but does anyone know if it is possible to bracket the Glockenspiel with the unpitched percussion instruments?

Thanks! –π

It is not, I’m afraid, because those instruments are not in the same family.