Changing instrument names within the Percussion Kit

I serched forum, but did’t found the proper topic.
I would like to change instruments names within the Percussion Kit. When I’m changing it by selecting “Edit names…” inside the Kit, the name of instrument doesn’t change. It only change the name in the score, but not within the Kit.
See the example:

I don’t want to have name “campanaccio” within Percussion Kit, because this is wrong instrument and it confuses me.
Any ideas?

The names shown in the Edit Percussion Kit dialog are the internal names intended for display in the instrument picker, which are not edited when you change the names in the Edit Names dialog. There’s currently no way to change this. In the fullness of time there will be a way to edit instrument definitions that will allow you to edit every aspect of an instrument, so ultimately you’ll have complete control.

Thank you, Daniel, for reply.
It would be very usefull to define every aspect of instrument. I can’t wait.
Perfect solution would be to have something like „instrument designer” and to have possibility to create instrument from scratch, to invent the logic of playing on given instrument. Noteheads, staves, playing techniques, cleffs, transposition, groups and brackets, etc., so composers will be able to create their own instruments or use standard instruments in unstandard way.