Changing instrument numbering

I have three trumpet parts, and all three sing. I have added “voice” as an additional instrument for each player, but while I do want the trumpet parts numbered (1,23) I don’t want the vocal parts numbered as they are all the same. Is this possible?

You could finagle the instrument names (via the Edit Instrument Names dialog - add a varying number of spaces to the beginning or end of each voice’s name), but have you considered adding a single voice as a separate player, then adding that player to each of the trumpets’ part layouts?

Leo, I ended up with the same result so I went with your suggestion. However, now I have another issue: in those parts that sing first, the indication in the score is “Vocal” rather than “Trumpet.” How can I fix it to where it has their instrument indication in the score?

I’m not quite sure I follow. If the Voice is a separate player, you should find (by default) that all staves are shown on the first page of the score including the single voice. If you don’t want the voice to show on the first page (or until its entrance), I think I’d leave the global Hidden Empty Staves Layout Options as they are, but bypass them by way of a couple of Manual Staff Visibility changes.

The trumpets start the piece singing, but I would like the score labels to read trumpet, not vocal. Rather, I would like the part to read “To V.” or whatever, but not have the staff label designate “Vocal” at the beginning. Does that make sense?
I’m really not sure at all that I follow your solution… It went way over my head.

Search the forum. There are discussions on this with workarounds.

If by “score labels” you mean the staff labels shown to the left of initial barlines in each system, perhaps you’d want to use the player name rather than instrument names in staff labels, and make sure the corresponding players have the required player names?

thanks, that’s so helpful

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I would really prefer to use instrument names if possible. Is that possible?

Does the Voice start at the very first beat of the first bar? If not, a short invisible note in the Trumpet would get you there. If it does, maybe a small pickup bar with an invisible note in the Trumpet. I can’t think of any other way of doing this.

I just thought of something else. Give the Trumpet a second Voice instrument and rename it Trumpet in B♭. Give the first note to this renamed Voice.

Trumpet-Voice.dorico (1013.7 KB)

Both of those are outstanding ideas I never considered! Thanks, Craig!