Changing instrument on a track

Hi all.

  • You open an instrument track, Cubase assigns the name of this instrument to the track.
    If you want to change this instrument, I haven’t found any other way to do it from the inspector, but it keeps the name of the previous instrument. This is so? Is there a way that I don’t have to change the track name manually?

Yeah! This is so primitive in 2022. Just do it in a 12.0.0x update and pretend it’s raining.
And no, that’s not how updates works. It’s more figure of speech than an order! :innocent:

Yes it seems primitive, and more in a DAW like Cubase, high level.

Thanks for answering :blush:

Actually it makes sense to me how it is atm.
My instrument tracks are usually named like this: STRINGS FAR, STRINGS CLOSE, etc.
Sometimes I change between different string libraries on the same instrument track, and I would not like to have to rename it everytime I load a new VSTi (especially because these VSTis can have really long and dumb names sometimes).

The name is set when creating the track to have an initial name. Like when creating audio tracks by dragging audio files into the project. I would not want to have to rename my audio tracks all the time I drag another audio file onto that track as well. :thinking:


1000% agree

My Templates have very thought through Track Names that I’d prefer Cubase not modify. Also when you create a Track you can give it a real name instead of using the VSTi name as the default. The different VSTi’s are just a means to an end - naming a Track based on its role or function is way more useful than knowing if the sound is coming from Halion or Kontakt.


Tj99 - raino

Interesting, you have given me a point of view that I did not have before.
Thank you!

Yes i usually name my tracks after the sound not the actual instrument so i would not want that to change.

I guess a halfway house would be to have Cubase auto change the name unless the user had typed in their own track name, in which case the name is a manual update from then on.

That would be ideal. In this way, those who prefer to manually name the track could continue to do so, and those who prefer Cubase to name the track according to the chosen instrument could work in their own way.

I have actually tried it in another DAW and it works in that way. If you change the instrument, it gives you the name of the new instrument, until you put the name manually, then it respects the name you have put, even if you change the instrument again later.

It would be nice if Cubase changed the name of the track by putting the name of the new instrument until you put the name manually.

In this way, two ways of working would be allowed, instead of just one.

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