Changing instruments in an imported XML score

I imported an XML file from Sibelius for wind players. Dorico opened the 3 parts correctly, for soprano, alto and tenor saxophones.

But I want those same parts in Dorico played by 3 different instruments: soprano clarinet in Bb, flugelhorn and contra alto clarinet. I’m trying to maintain the parts as originally written, but change the instruments that play those parts (with appropriate transposition, like keeping the music intact but switching the 3rd part from Bbtenor sax to Eb contra alto clarinet.

Make sense? What’s the best way to do that?

First I added the new instruments to the three players and tried to delete the old instruments - but the music disappeared.

Then I tried adding 3 new players with the new instruments, but couldn’t figure out how to copy the music from the old instrumental parts to the new isntruments.

In the left panel of setup mode, click the disclosure arrow to the left of the first player to reveal their instrument. Then click the disclosure arrow to the left of the instrument and click “Change Instrument” from that menu. Rinse and repeat.

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This is the most responsive forum I’ve ever encountered. You Dorico geeks must really love this software. It’s as if someone is on call 24/7 with the right answer. Such a welcome community to find!
Sometimes an intuitive solution is hidden 2 or 3 layers down in a sub-menu.
Thank you pianoleo. Now I know how to do it in the future as I migrate my Sibelius scores to the Dorico side of town.


The outstanding tone of this forum is in large part due to the moderators and Dorico development and support team who are beyond supportive, upbeat, and courteous.

Very true. The forum is the best I’ve seen, and a testament to the thorough ecosystem that Steinberg has created around this product, and I assume their other products as well. So far my experience as a new Dorico user has been 5 stars all the way, from the product’s user interface to the thoughtful functionality and the support.