Changing instruments options / disappearing rests

I’m using two arbitrary instruments to create an ‘electronics’ part - one pitched and one unpitched instrument. I’d like changes between them to be seamless, so not include the ‘To…’ text notes (as discussed elsewhere in another thread).

Other usage case in relation to percussion would be two instruments where, as here, the staff styles made it clear which of the instruments was required (e.g. pitched vs unpitched).

Finally, in the attached, where has the quaver rest gone to in Page View?


Rests can go missing when you have instrument changes within a bar, which is a limitation at the moment; we plan to address this at some point in the future but I can’t say when it will be.

The options for instrument change labelling are found on the Players page of Layout Options, as you’ve probably found.

Can it be, that missing rests are still an issue…?
Also have a look at the attached Dorico project file…

missing (405 KB)
(The only solution to this issue is to enter 2 quarter rests in piccolo with force duration ON, this seems a bit laborious to me)

Yes, you can encounter this problem if you have an instrument change in the middle of a bar, as my previous post describes.

Hello - I’m just wondering whether there is a workaround for this issue yet? I’ve got some missing rests as my percussion part switches instruments within a bar.


I’m having the same issue,
At the moment I made a custom noteahead set with rest as notehead, hidden stems and suppressed playback. Then I wrote the hidden rest as notes .
I know is not the best solution but it works.
Any other workaround?

Have you tried the explicit rest trick as Daniel described in this thread from 2019?
(Caveat regarding percussion kit in the last post of that thread.)

I hadn’t seen this topic, thank you.
Unfortunately I have to switch between a violin and a percussion, and we still can’t create explicit rests in single line instruments.

Yes, you can. It’s a bit awkward to do in a bar with no notes in it, but it’s otherwise easy: select any rest in the percussion kit and activate the Force position and duration property in the Properties panel. Now you can adjust the duration of the rest, copy and paste it, etc. And of course once you’ve got your explicit rests, you can delete any notes that you might have had to create in order to get something other than a bar rest into those bars to start with.

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