Changing Landscapes

Another player enters the fray with some interesting features. I suppose this is the age of the “ex-employees” doing their own thing. This is ex-Ableton guys.

Nice try! On their video they promoted PERFORMANCE … but even their Web-page jammed my browser for more than 30 seconds… if THAT’s their PERFORMANCE … :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Haha… let’s try to at least wait until we demo the actual product before we start bashing it. :mrgreen: I know it’s hard but… :laughing:

It looks like this might be the first DAW outside of Cubase to use VST 3.5. The midi per-note automation thing seems to be VST 3.5-like and it supports VST3 so… not a totally wack assumption.

Very interesting - that the version after initial release will include true collaborative working on the same song (‘document’), wherever you happen to be; the app will keep it all in sync (so it says…!). There have been other attempts at this over the years, (the so-called age of ‘real-time shared global composition’). Though it has to be said, with little success - maybe this time, the Bitwig folk have finally got this right… :wink:

Looks Great (what Live 9 should be) !

I think they are heading in the right direction with their new DAW.

Ableton is in big trouble. I can see Bigwig-Studio getting a big market share of the DAW market in the near future.

Cubase 7 should improve it’s ‘Arranger Track’ concept. To offer more of a Pattern-Arranging concept. This is where modern DAWs need to be heading, the linear (tape-style) DAW concept, imho. needs to evolve to something more exciting. I also think Presonus Studio One V2 has missed out on this. They are still stuck in the linear DAW world.

I chuckle when people use the word “still” in reference to S1 when it’s only been on the market a little over 2 years. :laughing: They definitely plan to add some non-linear sequencing capability (confirmed) but they want to get it right rather than rush into it with something half-baked.

Anyway, the Bitwig thing is targeting those users out of the gate so that was a good choice. It looks really interesting. It seems to be going directly after Ableton’s general market.

I agree about Arranger Track. Its a great feature that needs to be developed to be even better. Good point

I agree. It seemed like with all the improvements and new features introduced in Cubase 6 Steinberg was going after the ProTools crowd. I really hope with Cubase 7 they go after the Ableton crowd by offering a better non-linear sequencer than Live/Bitwig, impliment Ableton style macros within the quick controls, etc…

I hope Cubase will go Cubase way. Don’t get me wrong … I’m not against improvements on arrange track (I don’t even use it, so I don’t care), but for me linear recording is The Thing. Don’t destroy linear recording and make Cubase another Loop-This-Loop-That-Teenage-Rapper-Toy.

No one is requesting to eliminate the LINEAR format in Cubase, but rather offer the option/functionality of using it as a PATTERN-BASED sequencer when that type of writing/arranging is needed.

This is so useful for electronic/beat type composing, and many other genres of music, to facilitate experimenting in a speedy manner with smaller section of musical ideas, and arrange the blocks in a lego fashion, change them in many ways, this is a lot of fun, and does stimulate creativity in building unique musical structures, by experimentation, and trying out how various musical patterns/motifs/ideas sound linked to each other in various combinations, and repetitions, a lot of un-expected, surprises can surface, that you might have not considered if you were restricted to a LINEAR (ONLY) style DAW.

I feel that modern DAWs need this type of feature which imho is a no brainer. The strictly LINEAR DAW is fine, but limits the way some of us like to work, experiment, and build our arrangements.

Hopefully Steinberg will deliver something of this nature in Cubase 7, that goes beyond the ‘ARRANGER TRACK’, by taking it to the next level up :smiley:


you lot make me laugh going on about c7 ,what about c6.1- 9 ?

i think the gui on bitwig looks great BuT nothing has been mentioned about external midi control so is completely usless to a gear junkie like myself .
still wortha look tho

I’m guessing Cubase 6.5 will be announced at Winter NAMM 2012 !

I really hope future versions of Cubase offer more features and improvements that cater more to electronic music musicians. When it comes to electronic music production Live and Logic seem to be the industry standards at the moment. For example, I’ve noticed when famous electronic dance music producers who use Cubase (a rare species) post pics of their studio on facebook most of the comments go something like this: “Why Cubase? Logic is sooo much better”, “dude ditch Cubase and get Live!”, “Cubase WTF?”, etc… IMO Cubase is the one of the most underrated DAWs for electronic music composition.

Amen to that … there are so many things they could do to improve linear recording, comping, time alignment, per track sync locking, … I could go on and on. I couldn’t care less about Live type capabilities. Let Live or this new product do that. I don’t need a DJ tool. I need a linear editor.

It only limits because it isn’t for that. If they try to be all things to all people, they will end up be nothing to anyone.

And finally it’s announced for the 26th of March 2014, including its retail price of $399/€299. Check! :sunglasses: