Changing layout for a single flow

I am writing a duet where the 2 musicians change instruments every movement.

For the fourth movement, they move to piano four hands. The player that had been on the bottom of the score (drums/bass) now should move to the higher piano part, so I’d like to have that on top just for that flow. Is that possible?

Also, I might like to switch into four-hand layout mode for that movement, with each player’s part on a separate page (not sure about that tho - may not really make sense).

Off the top of my head, I think the obvious way to achieve the fourth movement is to put the higher piano part in a separate player. Then (still in Setup mode) delete that player’s default part layout, and assign that player to the part layout that already comprises drums and bass.

The four-hand layout thing is trickier but possible - it would be easier if you could slice that final movement into a separate layout rather than trying to build it on the end of the existing part layouts.

Cool - I will try it! Ultimately the 4-hand thing is probably unnecessary…

The first part is simple, but I’m lost at the second. Can’t I only delete the default part in Engrave mode? And so far I only have two defaults, one for the parts (both parts), and one for the full score. I think I’m missing something in your instruction.

When you create a new player, a new Part Layout will appear for it in the right panel of setup mode. You can delete that by selecting it (in the right panel) and hitting the delete or backspace key, or by using the trash can icon at the bottom of that panel.

If this Piano instrument already exists as part of the player that also holds Bass and Drum instruments, you can just drag it to a new empty player. Still, when you create the new empty player, a new layout will appear in the right panel of Setup mode, so there’s still a redundant Part Layout.

Fantastic - thanks for talking me through this. I think it worked just fine!