Changing layout of score when changing part layout?


I created a lovely full score in Dorico and then went on to edit the parts and then when I went back to the full score, it is all messed up! Is there a way to prevent this? (See two screen shots of before and after as attachment).

I had to copy and paste performance directions into each part as they didn’t transfer.

Is there a way I can get back to my original score layout as I’m pretty frustrated that I am going to have to re-edit the score now after spending quite a bit of time doing it…

Thank you

Dear Composer123,

It looks like you’ve been using text objects (shift-X) to write the performance directions. Text objects are attached to a staff, and will not show in parts that do not show that staff.
System objects (alt-shift-X) are there to allow us to write text objects that will appear in ALL parts.

The copy paste you’ve been doing messed your full score since now it’s displaying all copies of those performance directions.

It also seems like you’ve been messing with text size. I think you should use the function that links the size of the text to the size of the staff. In Engrave mode, in the Engrave menu, choose Paragraph styles. You can create your own paragraph style — let’s call it Performance indications, use Default text or any other as a parent (or nothing and create from scratch). Once you’re done, choose that paragraph style in the upper left field of the text editor when you invoke alt-shift-X.

I hope this helps!

Another option could be to add new players in Setup mode, copy paste the content of the already written music in there, select those in your “full score” and deselect the ones whose layouts are nicely done. This way you would decorrelate the parts from the full score — but the changes you would make in the full score would no longer appear in the parts, since they’re not the same players :wink: This would be just a workaround in case the work is already finished for good and you do not want to go through the other path (that I would call the Dorico way — but I’m sure there are many more and probably mine is not the more efficient)

Thank you, Marc. This is very helpful. I thought Dorico would have a sensible solution! Thanks again!

Dear Composer123,
I did not see that until your reply — in the picture I sent you, in Paragraph styles, the only slider that was off, just below Size, is “Size in parts” and this is the field that could be useful for you, in order to have the perfect sizes both in full score and in parts. I’m certainly amazed by the amount of thought and vision the devs have put in that program.