Changing Length of IR in REVerence

Is there a way to change the length of an IR in Reverence — I want it to have a specific number of seconds but I can’t see anywhere to directly edit that?


You can change the Size and the Time Scaling.

Thanks Martin for the answer. I understand that Time Scaling controls the reverb time. But lets say the IR reverb time is 3.5 seconds, and I want it to be 3.2 seconds, how do I know what to set the Time Scaling too? There is nothing I see telling me what the change in Time Scaling value actually does in terms of seconds. Or if there is, I’m not seeing it.

It’s likely a percentage.

No, there is no sec parameter.

OK, thanks. I’ll get my calculator out and try and work out the percentage change I need and apply that to the Time Scaling.

just do it by ear, a 3.2 second reverb my sound shorter depending on the IR you use.