Changing length of phrases.

Is it possible to change e.g. four consecutive quarter notes into four consecutive eight notes (and vice versa) WITHOUT affecting notes already written in the succeeding bars?

(There s a few different ways of doing it, all of those involving “Insert” activated, which makes quite expected - but at times undesired - adjustments to succeeding notes.)

My method:
Select the notes and push the shortcut for eighth notes.
INSERT: Insert a dotted-quarter rest after them.
INSERT: Delete the rests

There is probably a better way…

In many cases it might be easier and faster to reinput. Otherwise you could copy to a scratch staff and edit there, and then paste back.

Or, in the case of making the phrase shorter:
Select the phrase, with insert mode on change to 8-notes, hit R for repeat, turn off insert mode, press delete.

Making it longer:
Select phrase, R for repeat, turn on insert mode, select phrase, change to 4-notes, select the just repeated phrase, delete.

Agree on the reinput remark, this is certainly a minor - if any at all - annoyance. Great workaround btw! :slight_smile:

LAE’s method is really cool! Remember that if by chance this is something you would need to do a lot of, you could record a macro using the Script menu in Dorico and invoke it once you’ve highlighted the phrase. Works like a charm! I wish Dorico could let a user save and name Macros. It’s limited now to just one. :frowning: This could be a great convenience to users!