Changing length of wav file

New user here - I’ve imported a wav file into a project. I want to change the length of the file, without affecting the sound at all - I just want to drag out the end so it fits the bar end (so I can duplicate). Dragging the ends of the wav don’t seem to have any affect. What I should I do?

If that’s all you want to do, instead of lengthening it, shorten it until it snaps to a bar, duplicate or move the file, then pull it back out again to its full length. Hope I’ve understood you correctly.

Thanks for the reply. If I shorten it and Ctrl+D duplicate then the duplicate file will be in the wrong place (1 bar too early). Is it not possible to simply pull the wav file longer?

Press 1 on the keyboard until you get the cursor/arrow showing the time-stretch symbol and then capture the right hand bottom edge of you clip and then pull to the correct length. The time-stretch cursor is also shown in the cursor menu at the top of the arrange page.

Thanks for the suggestion - I don’t want to Time Stretch the wav file though. I just want to pull the end of the file out to the end of the bar so I can use the Duplicate function, but leave the audio inside the wav file intact.

Pulling it out means automatically time stretch. But if I understand correctly, you could just put your cursor at the end of the audio file, record a segment of silence, glue your original audio to the silent bit and then cut at the desired bar.

Thanks for the suggestion Arjan. That sounds a bit fiddly when I just want to pull a wav file longer. I found a solution though — I used the “Range Selection” tool to mark the full length of bars, of which the wav file was covered by, - then Ctrl+D duplicated the wav file plus the silence just as I needed.

Good you got what you wanted, though only now it’s clear what that was…

Hei Arjan - sorry if it wasn’t clear before. Maybe a better way to describe it is, lets say I import a kick drum wav file into a audio track, it will show at the first beat of a bar, but the wav fill will only last part of the bar’s length. I want to duplicate that kick drum wav file to the start of multiple bars following ---- what is the most effective way to do this in Cubase 8?

(Note: I’m coming from Sonar, and there, I could pull the wav to one bar long, right-click to make a “Groove Clip”, then just pull the file out as many bars as I wanted). I thought, from my limited experience with Cubase, that the “duplicate” fucntion would work similarly, but this only would work if the file is a complete bar in length. If there is a better way, I’m happy to hear it.

Very easy way is drag in your wav and highlight then:
Alt-P (Events to part), pull the part out to bar line, Cntrl-D to duplicate

Thanks Parrotspain — but using this method the wav file will still not drag out to the end of the bar.

In your original post you said that you didn’t want to change the wav in any way, just drag to the bar line so that you can duplicate. The method I propose allows you to do exactly this. The wav is contained in a part, it’s the part that stretches to the end of the bar. It will then duplicate perfectly. Regardless of the graphic showing the wav ending short. Any other way of stretching the actual wav to the end of the bar will stretch it or otherwise process it.

If you apply my method, but then “Bounce Audio”, you may achieve what I think you are asking which is a new audio event that fills to the bar line. This though is an unnecessary additional move.

Thanks Parrotspain - I tried this again, but I canot get it to work.
I drag in the WAV - it is already highlighted. I press Alt-P, and this puts the white triangles around the wav and plays it. I try again to drag it (the wav file), but it will not. Is there something else (the “part”) I should drag - but I do not see it …

What should be happening is that you are encapsulating your wav or “event” into a “part”. There is a dropdown for this “Events to Part” - It’s possible that the key shortcut is my customisation and has led you wrong. Any way, find “Events to Part”. It’s under the Audio Menu.

Parts can hold many events. Once in a part, you can drag the beginning and end of it to snap to barlines, beats etc according to your quantise setting. Now you can move or copy the entire part. it’s much easier than just working with events. I attach a screenshot to make things clearer. Hope this helps.

another fan here of being able to pull the wav event to whatever length we want - multiple reasons…

Thanks - now it worked. I think the shortcut you had was throwing me - there isn’t a shortcut for “Events to Part” (in my system) and Alt-P did something else. Now I made a Key command for it, and it works.
Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

I think I must have set Alt-P as a custom key years ago, and forgotten it wasn’t a Cubase default, sorry about that. You’ll find working with parts much more rewarding than just dealing with events.

You can get into the part and edit events by clicking on the part. I think that’s default behaviour!

Another pair of useful commands are Dissolve Part which returns to the event(s) only
And Bounce Selection - this will take any highlighted part(s) and make new events including any edits, trims, fades etc.