Changing Macs and iLok

Hi, I will be changing over my iMac from M1 to M3 using apples migration assistant and I am wondering if people have had any problems with plugin licences, especially iLok when doing this process
I get that this forum is for Cubase but just trying to find an answer

Thanks, Sid


I’m not aware of any. Make sure, iLok driver and the PACE software are up to date, please.

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Migration Assistant will do absolutely nothing for your licenses, aside from possibly move the iLok application over to the new Mac. Those licenses are online and hardware based. All you will see when you run the iLok app is your account and your licenses on your old machine. If everything you use is machine licensed, you will still need to deauthorize/reauthorize every single one to move it over.

If it’s a USB dongle, just install the app and plug in the dongle, easy as that.