Changing Master page doesn't flow through

I’ve just started a new document using the Solo piano template. I haven’t made any changes to the page, but I did go to the Master page and made some changes there. These haven’t flowed through. There’s no red triangle anywhere.

…and I thought I was being clever!!


Are you sure that the master page you edited is being applied to the page in question?

Have you copied your changes from Left to Right? If not, it wouldn’t apply to the first page, since that’s (probably) a Right page.

Thanks Dank. I forgot about that, however often it the past it’s done it automatically. Much appreciated.

Glad that fixed it. If you draw a new frame, or resize an existing frame, it won’t mirror automatically. The only time it does mirror is when you change the contents of a frame that exists on both sides.

Thanks again. How do I control the placement of the Flow Heading? There doesn’t seem to be control of it on the Master Page?

You will find these controls under Layout Options.

Layout Options for the default margins above/below flow headings, or a flow heading change to adjust the margins above/below flow headings on a specific page, or from a specific page onwards.