Changing microtone scale (Symbols)

I searched the forum for this but can’t seem to find the answer.

After talking with the musicians I’m working with on how to write microtones, it seems that the symbols used by default by Dorico (little arrow up or down) more commonly for them means 1/8 step. So for this work I’m doing at the moment, I need to use the scale in the image linked. I have no idea how to do it sadly. Maybe someone had to do this in the past ?

Thanks !

You can define your own custom tonality system using the Edit Tonality System dialog, which is described here:

The current default symbols for 24-EDO in Dorico 4 seem to match the image above exactly. If you are seeing different symbols, what version of Dorico are you using? (Up to 3.5, Dorico came predefined with arrow symbols for 24-EDO.)

Hi mark !

I have 3.5. Will update soon tho.

Hello Daniel !

Just made a custom tonality system using the Zimmerman accidentals in the dropdown menu.

For other people it may help in the futur :
I had to duplicate the default 24 EDO than make changes to it because the playback behavior was not the same regardless of me changing settings if I made one from scratch.