Changing midi channel for my second CMC-FD

I bought 2 CMC-FD, they send same data on the same channel.
Can I edit my second CMC-FD channel? It seems like the little app for editing doesn’t exist for the CMC-FD as it exist for other CMC.
Thank you,


Did you install the driver for it? You need to separately install a driver for each unit.
Apart from that check in the Device Setup that both FDs are showing and that their respective Midi INs and Outs are selected for each.

I did install the driver once.
How do you install the driver for each device? I don’t get you on that point.
Once installed, the driver should should work for all CMC device, shouldn’t it?

No, you need to install a driver “instance” for each device - yes it’s technically the same driver, and you can install from the same disk. Just follow the instructions, ensure all CMCs are disconnected, and attach only the new CMC as described in the “Installing TOOLS for CMC” section of the CMC Op Manual. Once the CMC is properly installed, you can re-connect the others.
In Windows device manager - Sound,video and game controllers you should see listed a separate driver instance (Yamaha USB MIDID Driver) for each CMC device.