Changing MIDI functions on external devices

Hello all. I’m currently finishing up some backing tracks for some live performances, and I’m wanting to Send MIDI commands from Cubase to an amp sim/processor (in this case the kemper), but it hasn’t been as easy as I thought It would be. I’m using a iConnectivity mio for the midi interface . I haven’t been able to get the two to communicate yet, and I’m not sure what Editor I should be using to achieve this. Any help would be much appreciated


In Cubase use a MIDI Track, with the iConnectivity mio MIDI Out. Then connect the iConnectivity mio MIDI Out to your AMP processor MIDI In.

Thanks for the reply. I understood all that, it was inside the daw that I was having trouble. Either way it doesn’t matter… I ended up watching a video on Cubase automation for the axe fx, and it explained it all very well. I should have though to look that up… you can always count on the fractal nerds for info like that :stuck_out_tongue: Regardless, thanks for reaching out!