Changing MIDI ”layers” in Cubasis 2

Hi! I’ve tried to find an answer to this in the help files but can’t seem to find the answer there. When I record a midi track (in Cubasis 2) and re-record over it, the layers (lanes?) are over-dubbed. When I play it back I hear both, which I want since I record midi drums in a couple of takes over each other. When I’ve done this, I can’t seem to access the older midi layer, and only see the notes/volumes etc for the most recent layer. How do I change between layers/lanes in a MIDI track, so I can edit the older part as well?

Hi @Henrik_S,

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In cycle mode, recorded MIDI events will be placed on top of each other.
To edit dedicated events, these will have to be individually selected.

Here it might be of help, to create a track duplicate and delete the MIDI events on that track. Afterwards it should be easily possible to drag & drop the MIDI events between the two tracks for easy and quick editing in the MIDI editor.

Once done, you could use the SELECT tool to make a selection around the MIDI events, and use GLUE to combine them into a single event (if that makes sense for you workflow wise).

Hope that helps!

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