Changing MIDI Parameters of multiple Tracks at once

Hey :slight_smile:

I always wondered if there’s a way to change MIDI parameters of multiple selected instrument tracks at once, but I couldn’t find an answer to this :frowning:
Is it even possible in Cubase 8?

Any news on this? It really gets annoying to change midi parameters in orchestra templates with a lot of tracks one by one. Isn’t there a way to change settings for multiple tracks, just like changing the routing with shift+ alt?


Yes, you can. Select multiple MIDI Parts at once in the Project window. Open KeyEditor (or another editor). Data of all selected MIDI Parts will be displayed and you can edit them at once.

Thanks for your reply Martin! :slight_smile:
But that’s not quite what I’m looking for. What I mean are the MIDI-Parameters in the inspector of an instrument track (like transpose, velocity +/- random values etc.)


I see. There s a Shift + Alt shortcut, which makes a QuickLink. I’m not sure, if this also works for these parameters. It’s possible, it will work.

Select multiple Instrument tracks, you want to edit. Hold Shift + Alt, and do the changes, you want to make. The change should be made on all selected tracks at once.

That was the first thing that I tried but it seems that shit + alt only links parameters that can be linked in the “link function” (hmmm suddenly I have that inexplicable desire to play a zelda game)

So sadly it doesn’t work within the MIDI-Parameter tab in the inspector :frowning: