Changing MIDI track name after its copied somewhere

I have a MIDI track named “Cellos”.
I non-destructively duplicated it to another new track which is going to be Double Basses (e.g. doubling
celli and bassi with two tracks).
But now the second new track is still named “Cellos” though it is intended for the Basses.
So I now have TWO tracks of MIDI data with the same name, e.g. “Cellos”. Very confusing
because the second track is for Basses.
I can change the name of the track in the Inspector and the track list to “Basses”.
But the track itself retains the “Cellos” name on it.
Is there some way to change the name on the actual track to be consistent with the name in
the Inspector and track list ?



Double-click to the track name to rename it.

…and after doing as Martin said, press “shift + enter” for consistent track name thru to parts.

Yes, if the goal is to rename all parts in the track. Not the track itself.

Still having same problem. If I double click on a track in the track list and rename it, it changes to the new name in the track list and Inspector. But it does NOT change the name in its associated MIDI data track to the right of it, which remains the same.

However, when I hit “shift + enter” after renaming the track as suggested by Vespesian, it indeed does in fact now change to the new name not only in the track list and Inspector but also in its MIDI data track to the right of the track list.

BUT… it also changes the name of all its associated MIDI data tracks which were made by copying a MIDI data track into a new MIDI data track.

Can this be fixed or is it just a result of copying a MIDI data track to another track- e.g. all such newly created target tracks will always have to carry the name of the source MIDI data track ? (And note, I am not talking about the track names that appear in the track list itself but rather the actual MIDI data tracks to the right of them).



This Shift + Enter function changes all events names in the track. If you want to change just some of them, use the Project Logical Editor. Something like:

  • Select all events in the track first.
    If the event is selected &
    Name is equal to A

Change the name to B


Yes I know here is how I do that to avoid this problem: 1- I create a new empty midi track (add midi track) and then 2- I copy the midi data (for the Cello for instance) 3- I paste it to the empy midi track THEN I can name it as I want and send it to any new sound I want… Get it? Bye

It doesn’t seem to me as if the people replying to your question really paid attention to what you are trying to do. In my case, I wanted to start with a MIDI segment, then copy it and edit the copy.
In my tests, any copy of a MIDI event that exists at the same time on the timeline remains linked to its original copy—and when you rename (or even just select one) the other is renamed or selected as well, with no way around it.
Apparently, the method that Cubase has in mind is to open both MIDI events in the MIDI editor, then select which of the two events you are editing in the upper right of the menu, in the “stack select” menu.
I’ve found a workaround if you don’t want to open two identical MIDI events at the same time. First export the project’s MIDI, then re-import. Then delete any additional MIDI you don’t want. You can then change the length of the imported MIDI slightly, and Cubase doesn’t recognize the two as the same MIDI event.
Best of Luck

Hi Scott,

I think your post should go in its own thread as it doesn’t really relate to the OP.

That sounds to me like you are using Shared Copies of your MIDI event.


Your work-around should not be necessary if you copy/paste “normally”.
Can you share a step-by-step on how your copy/paste MIDI events?