changing mouse cursor in project window

hi. right now if my mouse is on the object selection mode and i pres and hold ALT it will then switch to DRAW mode which si GREAT.

I would like to then my holding the CTRL key switch to the ERASE tool. how is this accomplished?

I have searched through and through for this ability in the preferences and settings without luck. My best solution at this time is to use a mouse or keyboard with a macro assigned to an extra button.

For example, with a Logitech mouse or gaming keyboard, it is possible to use a “sequence” macro in the Logitech G HUB software. So, upon pressing and holding the assigned key, it switches to the erase tool. Then upon releasing the key it switches back to the object selection tool (normal sizing). Here’s how I did this:

  1. In the Cubase toolbar, click Edit and Key Commands -> Tool -> Object Selection Tool Normal Sizing -> assign to the “Y” key (or any other free key)

  2. In G HUB, create a “Sequence” macro with the following settings:

On press: 5

While holding: (blank)

On release: Y

  1. Save the macro and assign to an extra mouse button

oh man… so there is no built in function in cubase to just do this?

right now when i hold ctrl all it does is changes the numbering display or osmething… i would lvoe to have it switch to erase… all i do is select, draw, erase… etc…

I don’t think there’s a way inside Cubase to do that, but, if you learn an external macro program, it might be possible – with a lot of work. Most users have good and valid “wish lists,” many going back years.

Check Preferences > Editing > Tool Modifiers and assign something useful. Try working with that, it might give you a smoother workflow.

(Give your current Preferences a Name and save that, then try some different Assignments for the tools. If you find a set-up you like, then Name and Save that).

Put in a feature request and let it be part of the great mysterious cauldron which is always cooking a new, better version of Cubase.

haha that is a humorously worded post. i guess i am baffled that we cannot just go to a spot in pref’s, select “change what ctrl button does” and then say “make it the erase tool” that is why I posted here, because I could not find a way to do this!