Changing Note head positioning in chords

Greetings folks,
I searched the forum and didn’t come up with any directly related hits, so hopefully this hasn’t been covered extensively yet.

In a simple piano score, I have an upper voice (melody) eighth note, and a lower chord (dotted quarter note) happening on beat one in a 6/8 time sig.
The lower chord is G, F, and D, the melody note is the same G as the top note of the chord. [See attachment 1 “Dorico Positioning”]

In Finale, I know how to simply move the note-heads around and super-impose the top melody note with its stem going up, and the chord sharing the same G with stems going down, and I can change the note-head positioning in the chord so the stems will work together up and down.

As you can see in attachment 1, Dorico puts these as separate melody eighth note with stem UP right before the dotted quarter with stem DOWN. If I try to move the melody note to superimpose it on the top note of the chord- then the stems are not right. [See attachment 2 “stem issue”].

I feel like such an idiot. I could easily and quickly do this for years, but can’t for the life of me figure it out here in Dorico. I want to love this program SO MUCH. Please help.
1) Dorico positioning.jpg
2) stem issue.jpg

Istvan, your first picture didn’t attach, so I’m guessing a bit.

Do you know how to adjust the voice column index in Engrave mode?

There is an option to control this globally. Write / Notation Options / Voices, then find “Unison dotted and undotted notes in opposing voices” and choose the option you want.

To override the global option for a chord, go to Engrave mode, and set the Voice column index property to different numbers (for example 0 and 1) for the two voices, to separate the note heads.

Hi Dan and Rob, thanks for your quick replies!

Dan, I tried to upload the attachments again, so they are hopefully there.
I did use the Voice Column index to move them around, but couldn’t find a way to move the actual notehead from the the left side to the right side of the stem.

Rob, I will look for this, and try what you say. I hope my attachments are now viewable.

IF I put the chord in voice column 0 and the 8th-note in column 1 I get this.

I don’t understand exactly what you want to do. Can you make a picture in Finale?
voice column.png