Changing note length

Hi all,

say you are in 4/4 and inputted a whole note tied to a 16th. Now you want to change that 16th to an 8th note. How do you do that?

Dorico thinks about tied notes as single values. With the existing note selected, either set the rhythmic grid to 16ths and type Shift-Alt-Right arrow or type 6 . (period)

Excellent, thanks @pianoleo!

Probably the quickest way of inputting your original example, too - either input a dotted quarter and then shorten, or enter a quarter and lengthen.

Dorico’s approach to tied notes takes a bit of getting used to, but once you realise that it knows how to split syncopations correctly (or at least it can be taught how you want them split, via Notation Options) it’s a big time saver.

It’s worth checking out the functions at Write > Edit Duration, which I use enough to have given them custom keyboard shortcuts.

When I discovered I can tie during note entry I realized it’s another way to correct errors: For the example in the OP, with the caret still active, you could press T and add another 16th of the same pitch.