changing note values

Although having experimented with various notation options, Dorico wants to enter note values a certain way (see “dorico” example attached). How can I achieve that they are either 1) right away entered to look as in the “original” example, or 2) if not possible, how can I change them afterwards (haven’t succeeded doing that yet …)

It looks like you want the second bar to be grouped as 2+3 instead of 3+2.

You can do this by selecting a note at the start of the second bar, opening the Shift-M meter popover, and typing [2+3]/4

That will create a new 5/4 time signature with a 2+3 grouping. You can then hide that time signature by selecting it and using the property panel.

That’s really a lot of work to achieve this every time. I have, however, just found another thread mentioning that the key command O (Force Duration) will make this happen, but I notice that, having this option on, slows everything down for some reason. Still wondering, though, what’s the best way to fix something like this afterwards?

Force Duration should be used very sparingly, because it prevents Dorico from renotating your music in future.

Specifying the beat grouping you want is a better solution.

I tried various groupings, but never managed to get it the way I want (even with this small sequence of bars). Very difficult to achieve consistently if you have changing time signatures. I think Dorico is doing too much of the “heavy lifting” (quoting Daniel here …) for me, rather than just letting me write what I want…

Remember you can specify a different beat grouping for just one instrument by pressing Alt-Enter to close the popover.

Thanks for the reminder. This one is definitely a candidate for the famous key-commands-list.
Is it documented anywhere?